Meeting Minutes

Following are club meeting minutes:


October 19, 2017 Minutes


  1. Jonathan Cannon
  2. Keith Aldredge
  3. Tom Robbins
  4. David Gibson
  5. Tim Horchler
  6. Steve Phoeler
  7. Ike Maxwell
  8. Mike Penny
Old Business
The Raffle at the South Georgia Fair was successful, Azarel Neivels and his 15 year old son Jesse, was the winner, and was very excited about winning and getting into the hobby.

The raffle took in $752.35, with a $502.35 profit.  Our treasury balance now stands at $1541.14

The dues structure will be revisted at the next club meeting Huck-O-Ween comes up October 25-29 in Donalsonville, GA.

Our Zombie Turkey Fun Fly comes up Nov 18.  Fly all day and night.  BBQ
plates will be available for $10 adults, $5 kids.

New Business
We welcomed Tim Horchler back after his confinement aboard a barge on the
canals of Great Britian.

Next club meeting will be 11/16.

Submitted by Tom Robbins, Secy.

September 21, 2017 Minutes


  1. Mike Penny
  2. Chris Penny
  3. Ike Maxwell
  4. Jesse Gaines
  5. Tom Robbins
  6. Keith Aldredge
  7. David Gibson
  8. Mike Wager
  9. Jonathan Cannon
  10. Matthew Cannon
  11. Rick Zondlo

Old Business

Deep South Fair, October 10-14, 2017.  This meeting was dedicated to preparing for the booth we will have to promote our club.  We will have a 10 X 20 booth given to us by the Exchange Club in return for the drone video work to be done by Keith and Steve.  We will have a Avistar Elite combo, free lessons and a 2018 club membership as the grand prize $500.  Raffle tickets will be $1 each.

The work schedule has been posted to the club website.  Members will have VIP parking and gate passes.

Keith provided schedule sheets for members to sign up for time to be on duty at the booths. Two members to been on hand at all times.  All members can also come whenever they are available.

Planes will be displayed from ceiling and tables.

Next meeting:  10/19 at Fallins BBQ

Minutes by Tom Robbins, Sec'y.

                                         August 17, 2017 Minutes

  1. Jonathan Cannon
  2. Andrew Cannon
  3. Steve Phoeler
  4. Debbie Phoeler
  5. Earl Cone
  6. David Gibson
  7. Jason Shirah
  8. Chris Penny
  9. Mike Penny
  10. Tom Robbins
  11. Curtis Eidson (prospect)

Old business:
Rock Bottom was good eating, but we had to share the room with another party, which made it difficult to conduct business.  Therefore, the meeting was adjourned to the parking lot.  The next meeting will be back at Fallin's on Sept 21.

Fairground:  Our club has a booth at the Deep South Fair, Oct 9 to 14.
Most of the decisions related to the booth at the fairground can wait until the next meeting.  Therefore, the discussion at tonight's meeting was what we needed to finalize at the next meeting.  We decided to go ahead and purchase the  plane to be raffled off.  The method of raffle to be determined at the next meeting.  Also, we will sign up volunteers for working the fair booth (10 X 20).  We will need at least 2 members present at all times.  We will have a video playing of club members flying, with filming beginning with this Sundays club flying.  Members were encouraged to get club shirts to wear at the fair booth.

The Thomasville Fly-In:  This event conflicts with the all-day manning of the fair booth.  We will decide at the next meeting whether to do both events.  Jonathan will attend the Fly-In organization meeting and report back at the next meeting, if skipping the event is a problem

Treasury:  Balance:  $1012.54

No new business

Minutes prepared by Tom Robbins

                       July 20, 2017 Minutes

  1. Jonathan Cannon
  2. Keith Aldredge
  3. Steve Poehler
  4. Ike Maxwell
  5. David Gibson
  6. Jason Shirah
  7. Earl Cone
  8. Mike Penny
  9. Chris Penny
  10. Tom Robbins
  11. Rick Zondlo
Old Business

Pit Area:  Sod planted last month is doing well with recent rains

Bermuda seed planted
may have washed into the cotton field with the deluge on Monday; will have to wait another week to find out.

The Deep South Fair beginning 10/9 will require a lot of support from the club members, as we will need members there during evenings and on Sat.

We will do more detailed planning at the next meeting.  We need commitments to man our booth.  We decided to use the Great Planes Avistar combo from Tower Hobbies as the main item in the auction.  Tom will contact Tower for a donation of gift certificates, possible discount on the Avistar, and Tower Talk flyers to pass out.  (Done)

The barter agreement between Jonathon and Suber for the pit area is costing his business over $100 per month for which we are reimbursing Jonathon as voted on last month.  The dues will be revisited at the end of the year as an increase will be necessary.

Treasury:  $1,012.53.

Expenditures:  $141 for materials to build dock at pond for float planes & sailboats.

New Business:  None

Next meeting:  August 17, 2017

Minutes by Tom Robbins, Secy

June 15, 2017 Minutes
1)  Jonathan Cannon
2)  Keith Aldredge
3)  Earl Cone
4)  Tom Robbins
5)  Doug Davis
6)  Ike Maxwell
7)  David Gibson
8)  Charles Blair
9)  Dough Martin
10)  Jason Shirah
11)  Jonathan Lohmueller
12)  Mike Penny
13)  Mike Wager

Old Business

Mowing schedule:  If you have a mower or want to use the one at the field, and are willing to help mow the field and the shelter area at the pond, please contact Keith to get on the schedule.  The more volunteers, the less burden it is on any single member. 

Mike Penny has arranged for us to get leftover sod from the farm in Pelham to help sod the pit area.  As the sod becomes available, members will be texted to come to the field and help sprig the sod.  Mike said he can get the sod to the field, but "sprigers" will be needed ASAP.  So, come out if you're able when you get the text.

Cooking at the field has been a great addition, but donations have not covered the costs.  In the future, burgers will cost $5, and any surplus after costs are covered, will be go into the club treasury.

Safety is a continuing concern at the field.  When setting up at the field, set up your shelters and park vehicles away from the runway.  When we get the sod planted and rooted well, we will be able to expand the safety area, with a proper setback from the runway.

The club approved plans to have a booth at the Fair in November.  Keith was able to secure this opportunity for us, in exchange for the drone filming he did at last years Fair for the Exchange Club.  We will need to have 2 members at a time to man the event.  We will have a raffle for a plane at the event as a fundraiser.  Put this on your schedule.  Details as the event nears.

We will have a display at the Thomasville Fly-In in October as we did last year.

Avoid mud ruts when entering the field, drive on the grass, but not middle of runway. 

The use agreement for the field that Jonathan worked out with Mr. Suber is costing his business about $100 per month.  This expense is unfair to him to absorb, and should be a club expense shared by all.  There is sufficient funds in the club treasury at this time to reimburse him for this years costs.  We will need to restructure the dues for next year to cover this cost.  We will do this after further discussion later in the year.

Treasury:  $1,539.52

New Business

Mike Wager proposed that the club incorporate electric trains into the club activities.  He  pointed out that radio controlled locomotives are now available.  After discussion, members indicated that such an activity would be best served as a separate activity since all of our activities are at the Suber field site, and model trains would an at home activity.

Two (2) events are coming up that members may wish to attend:  1) Valdosta RC Club on 6/24, and Ken Bell's event on 7/1.  Keith will post more info on these on the website.

Next meeting will on July 20.

Minutes by Tom Robbins, Secretary

April 20, 2017 Minutes

1. Jonathon Cannon
2. Keith Aldredge
3. Tom Robbins
4. Steve Phoeler
5. Charles Blair
6. Mike Wager
7.  Jonathon Lohmueller
8.  Ike Maxwell
9.  Earl Cone
10. Mike Penney
11. Jason Shirah  (new member)
12. David Tillman (new member)

Old Business
Treasury Report:  Not available due to David not being able to attend, as he attends to his wife's medical issues.  Let's keep David and Judy in our prayers for a quick recovery.
Mitchel Suber,  our landowner, is undergoing cancer treatments at M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX.  Let's pray for his recovery as well.

New Business
A new roster was passed out showing 23 members. With the 2 new members (Jason and David) joining today, we are now at 25 club members.

Keith introduced some "Very General Flight Line Guidelines" that will be available on the website and as handouts at the field, to improve the general safety while at the field.  Basically, everyone should use common sense and treat others as you wish to be treated.  Have fun,  be courteous, use a spotter, limit 4 planes in air at a time.

Saturday 4/22, will be an all day 'fun fly.'  Burgers and hot dogs suggested for lunch, Jonathon will be grilling boston butts for the evening.  No formal charge, but donations would help.  Also, bring whatever else you want to eat.  Some may be spending the night in order to start early on Sunday as well.

Sunday 4/23, will continue the fun fly, with combat also in the works.  Combat will be open to any and all aircraft.  The theme of this event is CARNAGE!!!!!

The May meeting date conflicts the Joe Nall event, so it was decided to cancel the meeting and resume with the June meeting, June 15.

Mike Penny reports that a sod farm in Mitchell County, will give him scrap sod to help fill in the bare spots in our pit area, bringing it to a more finished look sooner.

Minutes by Tom Robbins, Secretary


March 16, 2017 Minutes

  1. Jonathon Cannon
  2. Keith Aldredge
  3. Tom Robbins
  4. David & Judy Gibson
  5. Charles Blair
  6. Mike Wager
  7. Earl Cone
  8. Jonathon Lohmueller
  9. Steve Phoeler
  10. Rick Zondlo
  11. Greg Vaughn
  12. New member: Jessie Gaines.
Old Business
Treasury:  $1,289.49
A pit area has been secured.  Jonathon met with Mr. Suber and arrived at an agreement to exchange dry cleaning services for the use of the field and about an acre adjacent to the runway for use as a pit area. Jonahan will monitor the dry cleaning cost in the coming months to determine if the club should consider another funding choice.

The grass in the pit area needs some time to fully cover the dirt, so we will continue to park tail end to the runway, not parallel, as the grass grows.  When pit is ready, we will reconfigure the pit area with pilot
stations, safety zone, pits, parking, etc.

Members discussed current projects and upcoming events.  Event schedule is posted on website.

New Business
Club shirts are now available for purchase on the club website  There is a wide variety of clothing styles to choose from at fair prices.

The next club meeting will be held on April 13, 2017 at 7PM, come early to eat!

Minutes by Tom Robbins, Secretary.

                           February 16, 2017 Minutes

  1. Jonathon Cannon
  2. Keith Aldredge
  3. Tom Robbins
  4. Andrew Cannon
  5. Steve Phoeler
  6. Ike Maxwell  
  7. Mike Wager
  8. Tim Horchler
  9. Earl Cone
  10. Charles Blair  new member
  11. Doug Martin  new member

Old Business
Treasury:  $1249.48
Pit area discussion is continuing.  Jonathon is to meet soon with Mr. Suber and the farmer to set aside some land for a pit and parking area.  This may require that we pay a rental fee; if so, we will have to determine how to pay for it.

The runway mowing will resume in March.  A schedule will be placed on the website.

Upcoming events: Southeastern Model Show in Perry, Ga. is March 3-4.  Lake City fly-in is March 18.

We received updates from the members on their current projects, including a report on the improvements Jonathon has made on his trailer a/k/a "The Taj Mahal".

New Business
The website is attracting interest from travelers.  Recently 2 pilots in a Thomasville layover, found our club via google of rc clubs nearby and visited our field, and plan on returning.  Keith pointed our that traffic on our website, gets us to the top in Google searches for RC clubs in our area.  The more that we use the website, the more priority we receive; so, we need to direct some of our communications, pictures, discussions to the website when possible.  We continue to draw interest to our Southwest Georgia Xtreme RC Club field from Tallahassee, FL, Valdosta, Albany, Tifton, Adel and Moultrie.

The next club meeting will be held on March 16, 2017.  Come 6-7p to eat, Meeting at 7p.
Minutes by Tom Robbins, Secretary

             January 19, 2017 Minutes

  1. Jonathan Cannon
  2. Keith Aldredge
  3. David Gibson
  4. Tom Robbins
  5. Andrew Cannon
  6. Steve Phoehler
  7. Greg Vaughn
  8. Ike Maxwell
  9. Tim Horchler
  10. Earl Cone

Old Business
Treasury report; balance: $1,169.97.  David reported that our account has started to earn interest.  Which accounts for the last $.02 in our account.  Good job, David.

The farmer plowed-over our proposed pit area and added a ground cover until crop planting time. Jonathan stated he would be meeting with Suber and the farmer in the near future to reach an agreement on creating the pit area.

The Southeastern Model Show in Perry is coming up on March 3-4.  Great time to find bargains and stock up on supplies.

A list of 2017 RC Events is being managed on the club website:

Members shared their progress on winter projects.  

New Business

Tom Robbins reported to the club on the rc sailboat interest he is promoting.  Buoys have been placed on the pond and he and a couple of guys from Valdosta have begun sailing there.  These men will be joining the club.  Also, the City of Thomasville has been contacted  about the club managing a site at Cherokee Lake and this discussion has just started, so a work in progress.  This would provide a lot  of exposure for the sport.  The club will also be pursuing a club sanction from the American Model Yacht Assn. (AMYA).  The club will add a feature on the website dedicated to RC Sailing.

In keeping with clubs sanctioned by the AMYA, the leader is called the Commodore, and Tom, by default, has been given that title (approved by vote of club.)

The next club meeting will be held on 2/16/17, 6:00 PM to eat, Meeting at 7:00 PM.

Minutes by Tom Robbins

December 15, 2016  Minutes

    1. Keith Aldredge
    2. Jonathan Cannon
    3. Earl Cone
    4. David Gibson
    5. Tim Horchler
    6. Ed Katz
    7. Ike Maxwell
    8. Steve Poehler
    9. Tom Robbins
    10. Greg Vaughn
    11. Mike Wager
    12. Rick Zondlo

    Old Business:
    11/19 Zombie Turkey Outbreak was a success with a good turnout, good food, and great fellowship with all the visitors that came.  This may become an annual event.

    Tim Horchler headed up a project with the THS ROTC on 11/26 enabling cadets to gain some stick time.

    Treasury report:  Current balance:  $1109.45

    Earl Cone got the pit area seeded with winter rye. Coming spring will require a seeding for pit area with a permanent grass.

    New Business:

    A plaque was given to Mitchel Suber recognizing his
    generous gift of allowing the club to use his property for a flying site.  Plaques were also given to the 2016 officers in appreciation for their efforts this past year for the progress made in establishing the new facility.  Thanks to Rick Zondlo for creating these awards.

    The officers for 2017 were unanimously elected.  The current slate of Jonathan Cannon, Pres; Keith Aldredge, VP; David Gibson, Treas; Steve Poehler, Safety will continue.  Tom Robbins will replace Charles Robbins as Sec.

    Al Bryan, Rotary Club member contacted the club to explore a possible partnership with connection youth with an introduction to aviation via RC.  A meeting will be set up to explore options.  This will have to involve parents participation to avoid custodial issues at the field (the club is not in a position to babysit.  Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent.)

    Safety officer, Steve Poehler, made a presentation stressing safety issues that  occur at the field that may impact safe use of the field.   Areas of concern:  Secure connectors,  preflight inspections,  flying away from set up area, buddy cords for newbies, courtesy between members, emergency medical attention (nearest hospital is Moultrie, not Thomasville.)

    A permanent board will be established at the shelter, listing emergency contacts for members).  It is advised to not fly alone because an injured person may require assistance.

    Keith and Greg provided membership decals with the club logo to help identify vehicles at the field as those of members.  They are also working on business card size cards to give out to increase interest in our activities.

    Custom sized club decals can now be ordered thru B&E Graphix (see website for details.)

    Our club website has been updated:

    AMA has our new club name.  The club handbook is updated.

    Next meeting 1/19/17 at Fallins BBQ, 7PM.  Come early to eat!

    November Club Meeting

    1. Tom Robbins
    2. Earl Cone
    3. Jonathan Cannon
    4. Keith Aldredge
    5. David Gibson
    6. Steve Poehler
    7. Don Selen
    8. Rick Zondlo
    9. Tim Horchler
    10. Ed Katz (new member)
    11. Dave (Ed's friend)
    12. Mike Wager

    Old Business:

    • Pit area was cleared this month and awaits rain in order for Earl to plant grass.
    • THS AF ROTC cadets to be at field 11/26 at 9:30 AM to receive training flights.  Tim is heading this up.  If you have a buddy cord set up and can help, please come.

    New Business:

    • This Sat, 11/19,is the Zombie Turkey Outbreak at the club field. This is an informal get together for a BBQ, bonfire, all types of flying, day and night, overnight camping for members and friends.  Big turnout expected for the event, a good crowd is coming from N. Fla.  Eating will start about 6PM.

    • It was voted to nominate the complete slate of current officers to continue next year.  Vote will be at the Dec meeting.

    • It was voted to move our monthly meeting location to Fallin's BBQ beginning next month.

    • Name change:  Due to our new location out of Thomasville, it was decided to change our name.  Our new location has so much opportunity to expand into all areas of rc: planes, boats, cars, drones, etc., a new name was needed to reflect our expanded capabilities.  A presentation by Keith on what the future of the club could be like, was well received and the club voted unanimously to rename the club "SOUTHWEST GEORGIA XTREME RC CLUB".

    Next meeting: 12/15 at Fallins.

    Minutes by Tom, (acting sec)

    October Club Meeting


    1. Charles Robbins
    2. Tom Robbins
    3. David Gibson
    4. Earl Cone
    5. Tim Horchler
    6. Rick Zondlo
    7. Jonathan Cannon
    8. Donald Saler

    Minutes; were posted on the club web site for all to read.

    Treasurer’s report; Dave Gibson reported that the club coffer has $678.45, that is down $12.00 from last month because the bank has charged us a maintenance fee.
    David and Jonathan will be talking to the bank.

    Old Business; Now that the crops are out of the field, the club can start work on the parking/pit area addition. We will need to remove the stubble from the cotton crop, level the ground, move the runway up the hill from its old location and have Mitchell come out and see what we have planned to get his approval before going any farther. With Mitchell’s OK we can plant some type of cover crop for the winter. 

    Thomasville Fly In was a big success for us. Thanks to the Lake City club that put on the 3D demo, their flying has sparked interest in our club and RC flying. Hopefully we can have the Lake City club back again next year.
    Lake City’s club has the largest AMA youth membership in the US.

    New Business; Talk of the club having a plane with the buddy box setup that beginners can use until they can buy their own plane was brought up.
      The idea of having a table with information about RC flying and to promote our club can be set up at the South Georgia Fair next year.
      The subject of having a float in the 2017 Rose Parade was brought up, something members need to think ahead for some ideas for our float.
      These are some ways we can promote our club and bring in younger members.

    The question of changing the club name since we no longer fly out of the Thomasville Airport, this was tabled until the next meeting.

    Some talk of down the road for the club, we could enclose the shelter; have electric added for lights, cooling, and battery chargers. This of course will take time and $$.

    Motion made by Tim H. to adjourn meeting seconded by Rick Z. voted on and passed by the members.

    Next Meeting 11/17/2016      Minutes By Charles Robbins

    September Club Meeting

    1. Charles Robbins
    2. Keith Aldredge
    3. Tom Robbins
    4. Robert Hamilton
    5. David Gibson
    6. Steve Poehler
    7. Earl Cone
    8. Andrew Cannon
    9. Jonathan Cannon
    10. Ike Maxwell
    11. Tim Horchler
    12. Mike Wager.

    Minutes; were posted on the club web site for all to read.

    Treasurer’s report; David Gibson said the club’s coffer has $691.45 in it and no
    bills at this time.

    Old Business; Jonathan said the harvesting of the peanuts has started, with cotton to follow. This will clear the area we need for our pits and expanded parking. Jonathan will get with Mitchell Suber and discuss the clubs ideas for the expansion of the club’s area. We may need the help of Ricky Luke and his equipment to work up the land and sow winter Rye seed, until spring.

    Thomasville Fly in is Saturday October 8th, club members should be at the airport at 7:00am to help with the setup and putting out our planes. The club may be able to set up in a hanger this year. If we can’t use the hanger we will be back out in the grass like last year, with a larger area to show off our planes. We will fence off the planes and limit the public to this area, with popup tents for shade. (Bring your lawn chair).

     Jonathan asked the airport about the club doing a short 3D flying show, but never got an OK.
    Jonathan will ask if we can sell water to raise money for the club.
    We may use Jonathan’s trailer for a flying simulator area, so the public can try their hand at flying. Along with that we may have another PC with video of flying, or plane crashes.

    New Business; Jonathan talked about starting the combat flying again and possibly doing  pylon flying, after the crops are out of the field.

    Sunday will be our club Fun Fly, with the cookout starting at 1:00pm and then the flying. Bring your plane, eat and have fun.

    Tim made the motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Dave voted on and passed by the members.

     Next Meeting 10-20-2016           Minutes by Charles Robbins

                                                         August Club Meeting
    1. Charles Robbins
    2. Keith Aldredge
    3. Tom Robbins
    4. Steve Poehler
    5. Earl Cone
    6. Rick Zondlo
    7. Dave Gibson
    8. Ike Maxwell
    9. Donald Selen

    Minutes; were posted on the club web site for all to read.

    Treasurer’s report; Dave Gibson gave the report and said the club has $703.45 in the account, and the bank has charged the account another $12.00 for having less than $500.00 balance during part of the month.

    Old Business; The Thomasville Fly In, is coming up October 7-8 and we need to show off our planes again (but with more security around the planes.)  The subject of having the Lake City factory flyers come up and show off their 3D flying was discussed. Jonathon said in an earlier meeting, he would talk to the airport officials about giving them an area to fly in front of a crowd.

    New Business; The 3D Farm at Iron City will be hosting the Huck-a-wing fly in on October 26th thru the 30th.  For more info check their web site.

    Discussion came up about having a rotating fly-in with other clubs, they would charge a small fee to take part, the host club could sell hotdogs, burgers, drinks, etc.
    It was mentioned that the club handbook needed to be updated.

    The mowing schedule is working well, members are happy with the turnout of the members to do the mowing.  Club website calendar is working well.
    Some flyers complained that the grass is too tall by midweek.

    AMA memberships are coming due in December; don’t forget to renew your membership.

    Members please remember to when you go out to fly take water, bug spray, phone, wide bream hat and the highest octane racing fuel you can find!

    Motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Rick Zondlo and seconded by Dave Gibson, voted on and passed by the members.

    Next Meeting 9-15-2016             Minutes by Charles Robbins

    1. Charles Robbins
    2. Tom Robbins
    3. David Gibson
    4. Earl Cone
    5. Keith Aldredge
    6. Jonathan Cannon
    7. Tim Horchler
    8. Rick Zondlo
    9. Steve Poehler
    10. Robert Hamilton.

    Minutes; were posted on the club website for all to read.

    Treasurer’s report; Dave Gibson reported the club coffers have $475.25. This drop in the balance is due to a $12.00 a month charge from the bank for having a balance of less than $500.00 in the account.
    Some of the members paid their 2017 dues in advance to bring the account balance above the $500.00 limit.

    Old Business; Conversation was started about having a Fall Fly-in, but changed to enlarging the pit and parking area first.
    Jonathan said after the cotton has been picked, we can layout and measure how much more land we will need and enough to fall within AMA rules. We will have to talk with Mitchell Suber, show him and explain our plan and get his permission to enlarge our layout into the cotton field.
    Club members also talked about the need to be prepared to pay for the acre/acres. We estimate the parking/pit area requirements to be approximately 2 acres.

    The subject of mowing has come up again and do we have 1 or 2 runways. We operated without any problems on one runway before we moved to Subers. So can we continue to operate with one, just enlarge the parking area and pits?

    A list with the dates for mowing was passed around so members could pick the week that will work best for them to get the mowing done. The list will be posted on the club web site, so if anyone needs to change dates they can simply contact Keith Aldredge.

    New Business; The topic was brought up about a fund raiser to help pay for the parking/ pit area expansion, or get a booth at the Perry Swap Meet and sell any unwanted items members way have laying around their shop.

    Dates for some upcoming events, The 3D Farm at Bainbridge (Iron City, GA) will be having an IMAC event in September on the 24th and 25th.  And a Huck-O-Ween event will be held on September 26th to the 30th. More details about Huck-O-Ween can be found on Facebook.

    The subject of club dues came up to change form our prorated format . This subject was tabled until the next meeting.

    Thomasville Fly-in is coming up in October and the club wants to show off our planes again, like last year. Jonathan made the comment of having the static display more secure, we have too much money in our equipment to just have the public come in and damage any of it. Someone will have to be watching the visitors while they are around the display. Jonathan will talk to Airport officials and see if we can fly a few of the planes at different times during the day.

    The subject of having a float in the local Christmas parade to advertise the club and show off some of the great planes we fly. No decision was made at this time.

    Motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Dave Gibson, seconded by Tim Horchler, meeting was adjourned.

    Next Meeting 8-18-2016      Minutes by Charles Robbins

    June 16, 2016

    1. Charles Robbins
    2. Earl Cone
    3. Keith Aldredge
    4. Tom Robbins
    5. Steve Poehler
    6. Jonathan Cannon
    7. Robert Hamilton
    8. Dave McBride (Guest)

    Minutes; were posted on the club web site.

    Treasurers report; Dave Gibson was unable to attend the meeting. Dave was able to send the updated report showing our bank account balance of $487.45.

    Old Business; Jonathan was very pleased with the turnout at our last FUN FLY.  We had several pilots from Valdosta and Lake City clubs join us and celebrate our new club location.  We had some good food on the grill, great weather, fellowship and shop talk with several building and flying ideas being shared.  Attendance was probably around 30 people.

    New Business; Jonathan open the discussion on mowing the landing strip/strips.  He said he had mowed a new area up closer to the shelter house and that it wasn’t all that bad after he mowed over it twice.

    Jonathan liked the idea of having 2 runways, one for 3D flying and one for classic flying, with a good distance between them.

    We have 4,500ft of grass runway to work with so we should have enough area to have different landing areas.  The discussion went into having the runways 500ft long, with 1,000ft between them and then another 500ft runway.

    Small flags will be used to mark the mowing areas and pits.  It was also mentioned that after the crops are harvested, we can enlarge the pits and parking area.

    The idea of having 2 guys mow at the same time came up for consideration.

    A question was brought up as to which direction or where do you stand on the banks when we fly the float planes and the  sun moves across the sky. Jonathan said Suber’s mow along the bank with the big tractor giving us an area to stand.

    We enjoyed having Dave McBride attend; we hope he joins the club!

    Meeting was adjourned.  Next meeting is Thursday, July 21, 2016.

    MAY 19, 2016

    1. Charles Robbins
    2. David Gibson
    3. Tim Horchler
    4. Tom Robbins
    5. Jonathan Cannon
    6. Keith Aldredge
    7. Mike Wager
    8. Earl Cone

    Minutes; were posted on the club web site.

    Treasurer’s report; David Gibson reported that we now have 17 payed members in the club. He also reported that the club coffer now has $485.45 in it.

    Old business; Jonathan reported that the crops have been planted on both sides of the runway and the pivot is being used. He also mentioned, we need to be careful not to walk on the new plants if we need to retrieve our plane from the field. Jonathan said there are pink markers on the runway and we need to keep our flight tables and pilot stations between these markers. This will keep our property out of the way of the pivot movement.

    Mitchel Suber seems happy with the club and how we use and respect his property. We need to continue to pick up any trash, or plane parts (if something would go horribly wrong) we see it on the ground. The club is very fortunate to have this location; we don’t want to spoil it.

    New Business; Tim Horchler, received a job well done from the club members for his work with, and talk to the ROTC class along with helping them fly their plane on the buddy box.

    Dave Gibson said he had talked to RC hobbyist from Lake City and Valdosta. They would like to come over and see our playground, with all of the amenities.

    Sunday is our FUN FLY we will invite Mitchell, Ricky and the flyers from Valdosta and Lake City.  Bring what you want to eat, drink and maybe a lawn chair. Cooking will start around 5:00pm.
    The club now has paddles for the rescue boat.

    Jonathan talked about the Thomasville Fly In this fall and said he will talk to them about the club members flying some of the planes during the candy drop. That when most of the people will be there and let them see our planes in action, not just setting on the ground.

    Jonathan and Keith talked about the Joe Null experience. They made it sound like the Disneyland for RC Flyers. They both agreed this was the place to go see incredible planes and skilled pilots. They were talking planes of all types, sizes, and power, you name it, it’s there; even flying at night.

    We have a new member, Earl Cone.

    Next Meeting 6-16-2016
    Minutes by Charles Robbins

    APRIL 21, 2016

    1. Charles Robbins
    2. Tim Horchler
    3. Tom Robbins
    4. Steve Poehler
    5. Jonathan Cannon
    6. David Gibson
    7. Ike Maxwell
    8. Keith Aldredge
    Meeting was called to order by Jonathan at 7:04pm.

    Minutes; were posted on the club web site for all to read.

    Treasurer’s report; was given by David Gibson, Dave said the club coffer still has the balance of $491.81.

    Old Business; Jonathan told the members that we now have a boat to use on the pond.  The Jon-boat was donated by Ricky Luke and can be used to retrieve float planes as needed.  This is a big step for the club, opening up a whole new aspect of RC flying.

    Jonathan said he had a cable and combination lock to secure the boat at the shelter, and the combination will be the same as the old gate lock at Thomasville Airport.  The club will need to buy a paddle for said boat and club members now have permission to fish the pond at any time.

    A big thanks goes out to David Gibson and Tim Horchler for their work on the new flight tables.

    Dave Gibson mentioned he would like to have a fun fly like the one planned last year, but go by the AMA rules.

    New Business; Jonathan thinks we need to buy a grill for the club; this has been talked about before we moved to Suber Field.  Keith has been doing some pricing on different style of grills and found one at Wal-Mart for around $100.00.  Dave Gibson says the club has the money and will buy the grill.

    The subject of grass mowing was brought up and a temporary schedule was filled out, of members that will mow in the month of May.  (Schedule at end of minutes.)

    Subject of developing two (2) runways was discussed; this was from a safety standpoint.  The runway will be divided into two parts; the road leading out to the pivot will be the dividing point.  Members with more skill and ability will fly the area that is currently flown.  The novice members will move on up the hill past the road and fly there.  Selecting your runway is entirely voluntary; this will give everyone the opportunity to fly safely.

    The subject of having a meeting at the field was brought up; meeting time will have to change to accommodate member’s schedules.

    Keith brought up that Sam McCloud of the ROTC class would like someone to speak to the class about the aspect of flying RC. The class has a plane in the box they will build and bring out to fly at our field.

    Several members are planning to go attend Top Gun and Joe Nall in May.

    Motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Dave Gibson seconded by Ike Maxwell, voted on and passed by the members.












    Next Meeting:  May 19, 2016
    Minutes by Charles Robbins

    Rose City Aero Modelers
    Meeting was called to order by Jonathan at 7:03 pm.

    Minutes; were posted on the club web site for all to read.

    Treasurer’s report; was given by David Gibson, Dave said we had $557.06 in the club account at the start of the month and we spent $65.75 on new screws for the shelter house reassembly. The balance is now $491.31.

    Old Business; Jonathan thanked everyone for the help in moving the clubs shelter and other items from the Thomasville Airport out to our new home at the SuberFarm. He also mentioned he had sent a letter to the Thomasville Airport saying we have vacated the airport property and to release us from any liability.

    Rick Z. said the club owed Jonathan C. Keith A. and Ricky Luke a big thanks for the time and work they spent looking for a new home for the RCAM club.

    New Business; The subject came up to make Mitchell, and Ricky honorary members of the club, David Gibson made a motion to make them honorary members, this was seconded by Rick Zondlo. The motion was voted on and passed by the members.

     Jonathan is going to measure one of the sections of the pivot and then walk out to the club area. This will give us an idea of where the pivot travels and where we can locate the flight stations or pilot stations.

     Tim mentioned he was looking for 8in. wheels for the flight stations to make them more portable.

    The subject came up about a sign being placed at the entrance informing people to,Do not drive or park on the runway all members and guests drive to the right of the runway going to the flight area.

    Jonathan also mentioned the big blue barn has a bathroom and Mitchell has given us permission to use it any time.

    Tom R. brought up the topic of a second shelter on the flight line came up and with some discussion it was decided that we use popup tents for shade. One of the biggest problem is the travel of the pivot could make it impossible to have a permanent shelter.

    Motion was made by Tim H. to adjourn the meeting, this was seconded by Charles R. voted on and passed by the members.

    Members present for the meeting Charles Robbins, Steve Poehle, Ike Maxwell, Robert Hamliton, Rick Zondlo, Tom Robbins, Jonathan Cannon, David Gibson, Tim Horchler

    Next Meeting 4-21-2016                                           Minutes by Charles Robbins                                                                  

    Rose City Aero Modelers

    FEBRUARY 18, 2016

    1.  Charles Robbins
    2. David Gibson
    3. Tom Robbins
    4. Keith Aldredge
    5. Jonathan Cannon
    6. Tim Horchler
    7. Robert Hamilton
    8. Ike Maxwell

    Meeting was called to order by Jonathan Cannon at 7:07pm.

    Minutes; were posted on the club web site for members to read.

    Treasurer’s report; was given by David Gibson, he said we had 13 paid members so far for the 2016 season. David said our coffer has $557.06 in it, but we will owe AMA $120.00 for insurance and the club charter.

    Old Business; Discussion was opened by Jonathan and Keith on the subject of finding a location for the club to make its new home.  Both members have been busy searching around Thomas County for a location that will fit the needs of the club.  They have been looking for someplace that will not cost a lot for rent, large clearing for safe flying or that won’t require a lot of prep work done on it.  The real struggle finding a field close to Thomasville is that most attractive fields have homes nearby, hunting, livestock or the landowner is simply not interested in opening up daily access to their land.

    However, Jonathan and Keith reported they have finally gained permission from a Coolidge landowner to discuss details of our club’s requirements.  While not confirmed, the property is promising; includes a full scale grass strip over 3,000’ in length and rarely used.  Other amenities include that the field location is accessed from a paved road, includes access to a pond for planes with pontoons and clear of obstructions for several 1,000 feet.

    The land owner made a visit to our current field location Sunday, so he understands our setup.  Jonathan and Keith are meeting with the landowner Friday evening, Feb 19th, to confirm property requirements like parking and pit area accommodations, our shelter and starter stand placement, etc.

    After much discussion by the members, a motion was made by Charles Robbins that we move forward with intentions to secure the new location, assuming the landowner agrees with our final requirements.  After meeting with the landowner Feb 19th, Keith will confirm all details with the club members and provide all club members with a recap of the new location, including directions to the field, preparation plans, proposed moving date, etc.

    This was seconded by David Gibson.  Voted on and passed by the members.

    New Business; Discussion was started about the upcoming Perry RC Swap Meet and who all is going.  Swap meet is March 4 & 5, 2016.

    Motion was made by Charles Robbins seconded by Keith to close the meeting, voted on and passed by the members.

    Next Meeting 3-17-2016                 Minutes by Charles Robbins

    JANUARY 21, 2016


    1. Steve Poehler (Safety Officer)
    2. Robert Hamilton
    3. Peter Diaki
    4. Keith Aldredge (Vice-President)
    5. Tom Robbin
    6. Jonathan Cannon (President)
    7. Jonathan Lohmueller
    8. Tim Harchler
    9. Ike Maxwell
    10. Mike Wager
    11. Rick Zondlo
    12. David Gibson (Treasurer)

    Next meeting:

    February 18, 2016, 07:00 pm., Granddaddy’s
    1. Announcements
    • Jonathan Cannon spoke on the following
      • Club Dues
        • $60 club dues needing to be paid by the end of February. The treasurer will keep up with who has paid and has not.
      • Opening a club checking account
        • Local bank such as TNB.
        • Two signature account. Club president and treasurer.
        • David Gibson said he will go with Jonathan.
      • New Airfield for Club
        • Still looking for another location to move our club’s airfield. The thought is the current location at the Thomasville Airport is too small for our growing club and current traffic on runway 32 has increased causing issues with near misses. He feels the move will be necessary sooner or later and we should be proactive. A farmer’s field would be ideal.
        • If and when a suitable site is found, there may be a require lease agreement including a release of liability clause for the leaser. A monthly or yearly fee may also be required which will come out of our club dues.
        • No actions would happen unless the club votes on the matter and it passes. This is a club decision.  
        • Keith Aldredge suggested placing an ad in the paper as a last resort.
      • Construction at the Thomasville Airport on runway 04-22 will begin in March and last through August.
        • Jonathan Cannon made a motion that we would postpone our planned Fly-in for this year to a later date because of the construction work. Motion 2nd by David Gibson. Motion was voted on and passed.
    • Tom Robbin spoke on AMA membership
      • Members need to be sure their AMA memberships are paid and up-to-date. Jonathan will need to register himself with AMA as our new club president and he will have access to our membership roll within AMA and will be able to see everyone’s membership status.

    1. Discussion
    • Ike Maxwell informed the members of a person is jumping our fence at the field to fly. This individual is not a member of the club and may not be an AMA member either.
      • Jonathan Cannon said he will take the list of 2016 members of the club up to the Thomasville Airport manager and let him know that there is an unauthorized person flying on our field.
    • Steve Poehler informed the club members that they have until February 19th to register with the FAA. The AMA is letting their members know that it is required and they are working with the FAA to help make the processes easier. There are current lawsuits pending against the FAA rulings, registration requirements, and enforcement of such rules. The AMA is working on our behalf to help the FAA change some of these new requirements for sUAS pilots like ourselves. No discussion was made on changing our club by-laws to include a section requiring members to also have a FAA registration number along with their AMA number.
    • Rick Zondlo brought up the subject of reducing club dues and extending do date out an additional month till March. He also expressed the unfairness that members who join after we bought our shelter that these new members did not contribute to the purchase of it. He thought it would be best to have an initiation fee for new members to be $25. Also he wanted a senior discount.
      • Tom Robbin disagreed with Rick’s ideas and felt it was unnecessary and inflammatory. The club is supposed to be fun and the shelter was bought with donations from members and was not a requirement. The shelter is for the enjoyment of all members.
      • Jonathan Cannon said he did not understand Rick’s thought process on why he felt this was necessary. The club currently has very little money but with the 2016 dues we will have monies available to move our airfield if it becomes desired by the club when new field location is found. The $60 due is only $5/mo. Which is a bargain compared to other flying cubs. Rick agreed it was a good deal.
      • Mike Wager said that we are supposed to be friends and being charitable for our common love of flying is just part of it. He saw nothing wrong with the amount of our club dues.

    1. Show-and-Tell
    • Tim Horchler shared his experience in using bi-directional packing tape to re-enforce his foam plane. He demonstrated the toughness by whacking the fuselage body against a chair and it did not break. Other have used this product as well and agreed with Tim on its usefulness on adding strength to foam planes.

    Meeting was adjourned. Minutes taken by Steve Poehler.



    (1)            Charles Robbins
    (2)            Tom Robbins
    (3)            David Gibson
    (4)            Rick Zondlo
    (5)            Keith Aldredge
    (6)            Johnathan Cannon
    (7)            Tim Horchler
    (8)            Ike Maxwell
    (9)            Steve Poehler
    (10)      Donald Selen

    Meeting was called to order by Tom Robbins at 7:13pm

    Minutes: were posted on the club Web Site for members and others to read.

    Treasurer’s:  report was given by Tom Robbins, he shared that the club coffer now has $105.00 in it for this month. This increase was because of payment of membership dues.

    Old Business: Discussion started about the election of new officers for 2016.
    Nominations for the different offices were Johnathan Cannon for President,
    Keith Aldredge for Vice President, David Gibson for Treasurer, Steve Poehler for Safety Officer, Charles Robbins for Secretary.
    A motion was made to approve the nominations by Tim Horchler, 2nd by Charles Robbins. This was voted on and passed by the members.

    New Business: Members were talking about the new FAA ruling that owners of R/C planes of all types have to be registered. What part the AMA has played in this and how this would be enforced if not registered.
    Keith talked about full sized planes that have flown over the clubs fly zone at a very low altitude and that these planes were not on an approach pattern to any of the airports runways. Steve mentioned we have to remember to call the airport every time we are out there (other than mowing) flying or doing engine testing and then call again when we are finished. The airport is keeping a log of how much time we are using the field and it was mentioned they have been observing us from the taxi way on runway 32.
    Johnathan talked about the new airport manager and how he is a by the book type of guy and has upset several people. The new airport manager may be looking for an easy way to get the club off the property. They do have to give us 60 days’ notice to vacate.
    It was mentioned that the club may want to leave voluntarily, before a problem with the prototypical planes comes up.
    The subject of what do we do if ask to move off the airport property. Moving the club to a new site is not a big problem, it is finding a property owner that is willing to have us. Keith and Johnathan both mentioned local people that might welcome us. We want a location with easy access, flat and wide, no trees, the list can go on.
    No decision on moving was made at this time.

    Other business, the club dues are due in January and February please pay our new treasurer David Gibson.  Dave has mentioned he will open a checking account in the clubs name.

    A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Tim Horchler and 2nd by Keith Aldredge, voted on and passed by the members.

    Next meeting 1-21-2016
    Minutes by Charles Robbins

    1. Tom Robbins
    2. David Gibson
    3. Jonathan Cannon
    4. Keith Aldredge
    5. Steve Poehler
    6. Tim Horchler
    Treasurer’s report: $45.01 balance

    Old Business:  Review of flyover area, with emphasis on north turnaround should begin over oak trees in order to stay away from hanger area. Also, be diligent when flying in 32 approach area to avoid full scale aircraft.

    New business:  Possible relationship in support of Thomasville High School ROTC program. Lt. Col. Stann Mcleod, instructor, contacted me this week saying the club has a trainer plane and radio and was interested in getting a cadet trained to fly it. Keith has agreed to explore further with Stann.

    Officers:  New Officers are to be voted on at the next meeting.  Discussion of current activities and future needs led to a recommendation to the club that the following members be considered for officers for 2016.
    • President:  Jonathan Cannon
    • Vice President:  Keith Aldredge
    • Treasurer:  David Gibson
    • Safety Officer:  Steve Poehler
    • Secretary:  Due to Charles’s absence, a nominee was not named.

    Next meeting:  December 17, 2015

    Minutes by acting secretary, Tom Robbins


    1. Charles Robbins
    2. Tom Robbins
    3. David Gibson
    4. Ike Maxwell
    5. Andrew Cannon
    6. Jonathan Cannon
    7. Steve Poehler
    8. Robert Hamilton
    9. Peter Derkin
    10. Mike Waser
    11. David Saler

    Meeting was called to order by Tom Robbins at 7:03pm.

    Minutes; were posted on the club web site for members to read.

    Treasurer’s report; was given by Tom Robbins, he said the club’s coffer still has a balance of $25.01 for the month.

    Old Business; the subject of novice pilots was revisited and the need for them to fly with an experienced pilot.  Members also felt it best using 2 transmitters with the buddy cord.  Using the buddy system will give new pilots that opportunity of learning to fly and the delicate feel of the controls on their transmitter.  This may help cut down on the loss of planes during pilot training.

    New Business; There was no new business.

    Builders Corner; Robert Hamilton told the group about his experiences with his new quadcopter.  He talked about the GPS side of what it can do, the distance and altitudes he has flown.

    Members talked about the FAA’s new rules on the use of quadcopters and how the hobbyist is not the problem, but the outlaw pilots were.  AMA along with FAA is trying to get rules passed to stop the outlaws and protect the hobbyist flyers.

    Next Meeting 11-19-2015   Minutes by Charles Robbins



    1. Charles Robbins
    2. Keith Aldredge
    3. David Gibson
    4. Rick Zondlo
    5. Ike Maxwell
    6. Andrew Cannon
    7. Jonathan Cannon
    8. Steve Poehler
    9. Tim Horchler
    10. Tom Robbins
    11. Robert Hamilton

    Meeting was called to order by Tom Robbins at 7:06pm.

    Minutes; It was agreed that since the minutes of the meetings are posted on the web site that we would dispense with the reading of the minutes. Tom Robbins made a motion to accept the minutes as posted this was seconded by Keith Aldredge.

    Treasurer’s report; was given by Tom Robbins, he said the club’s coffer still has a balance of $25.01 for the month.

    Old Business; Discussion was opened on the upcoming Thomasville Fly In on October 10th. Tom said he had talked to Ervin at the airport and we are to set up our display just inside the gate on the left side. This will have the fence to our backs and help us better secure our static display, we will have some other type of fence, rope, or tape to secure the front of the display.  Tom will bring a 10’X10’ popup tent for shade. We will hand out flyers about the club and RC flying. We hope to have a banner to advertise our club.  It looks like we will have about 20 planes on display, members that want to help set up need to be there between 7am and 8am. We will need other members to come in during the day and help meet and greet the public as the stop by.  If it is raining or calling for rain we will cancel our event.

    Rick read a statement about the fly in he had planned. This was announced to the club at the August meeting. Rick said his statement could be printed in the minutes for all to read, this statement has been placed in the club records for anyone to read.

    New Business; Spring Fly In, The Fly in will be in April (this is not set in stone.)  Tom talked about the club possibly having other clubs within 100 mile radius come in and fly with us. This will be sanctioned by AMA, thus preventing us from having a fly in the same date as another club in the area.

    Peter Dekin has experience as CD for fly in’s and has volunteered to be the CD for this event, and is building 3 more starter stations for the club.

    Jonathan had some good comments about the fly in, that maybe the club should have just a RCAM fly in and see where our weak points are and what other problems we may need to work on before we have the multi club fly in.

    There was a committee formed to develop the plans for the April fly in, members are Keith, Charlie, Dave, Jonathan, Peter, and Tom.

    Some points that need to addressed, SAFETY, food, water, shade, porta-pots, and parking, just for starters.

    It was decided by the members to have a group fly in the 3rd Sunday of each month.

    Builders Corner; Some of the members have been talking about a new .25 glow engine we can buy for only $48 on Hobby King. Great for combat flying.  There was a video sent out to a member showing the engine running, a lot of the members said it sounds like and OS engine, question is how long will it last?

    Motion was made by Keith to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Dave, voted on and passed by the members.

    Next Meeting 10-15-2015 Minutes by Charles Robbins


    1. Charles Robbins
    2. Dave Gibson
    3. Tim Horhler
    4. Rick Zondlo
    5. Jonathan Cannon
    6. Tom Robbins
    7. Keith Aldredge
    8. Andrew Cannon
    9. Steve Poehler
    10. Mike Waser
    11. Peter Deakin
    12. Robert Hamilton

    Meeting was called to order by Tom Robbins at 7:02pm.

    Minutes of the July meeting were read by Charles Robbins.

    Treasurer’s report, Tom Robbins reported that the club is now operating in the black. The coffer is holding $45.01, which came about with the dues of some new members and a nice donation by Sonny Branch.

    Old Business, The Thomasville Fly in will be on October 10, 2015, and the club will have the static display of our planes. There was some discussion about having a flight simulator set up for the public to try their hand at RC flying.
    Tom mentioned we will need members to be at the airport at 6:00am to help set up and work, with other members to come in at different times during the day and to help and to tear down at 5:00 or 6:00pm.

    New Business, Peter has donated a riding lawnmower to the club to help keep the property mowed.

    Peter also passed out paper from the BMFA. This is the equivalent of AMA in Great Britain. These are their guide lines for a class “B” flying certification. Unlike our guide lines, theirs have 13 items the pilot has to complete to before he/she can be flight certified.

    Rick Z. pasted out a flyer and announced that he has formed a conspiracy (event) to take place on October 3 of this year. This first ever, anywhere event is called The Beauty and The Beast Fly In. (RCAM club members only)
    • There will be 12 classes of competition, one plane can enter more than one class, pilots can enter as many planes as he/ she wants.
    • NO HANGER QUEENS, planes must be complete and flyable, all controls and engines/motors functioning.
    • Planes must be able to complete one pass around the field to prove it’s airworthy.
    • Plaques will be given as awards for each of the 12 categories.
    • Also mentioned, a cook out/ pitch-in meal to help offset the long day of flying, fun and hard landings.
    • This all starts at 9:00am Oct 3, 2015 with a rain date of Oct 4th .

    A porta-pot will be delivered for the event, donated by Jonathan C.

    We will also need an AIR BOSS for the event his job will be to monitor the flying, TBD

    A motion was made to have the B&B Fly in, by Tim Horchler, this was seconded by Charlie Robbins voted on and passed by the members.

    Builders Corner, Keith talked to the members about the web site and showed what is available to us, and how some of the options work for us.

    He said, we can send him pictures of our planes, or planes being built, information that may be interesting to other members, all this can put on the site for others to see.

    If you know someone interested in joining RCAM they can find and fill out the membership form on the site. We can do discussions on different aspects of RC flying and planes. Many different avenues are open at our finger tips with the site.

    If you have any input that might help make the web site better, please let Keith know.
    Basically, it’s our web site don’t be afraid to use it and enjoy it.


    1. Dave Gibson
    2. Tom Robbins
    3. Jonathan Cannon
    4. Steve Poehler
    5. Tim Horchler
    6. Ron Cubitt
    7. Tom Gillette
    8. Wayne Gillette
    9. Keith Aldredge
    10. Charles Robbins

    Meeting was called to order by Tom Robbins at 7:08pm.

    Minutes of the June meeting were read by Charles Robbins. Steve Poehler made the motion to accept the minutes as read.

    Treasurer’s report, Tom Robbins reported that with the dues of a new member that we are only $33.00 in the red.

    Old Business, The discussion of the upcoming Thomasville Fly in was continued, with an agreement by the members that we will not have a raffle for the Fly In this year. The club will have a static display and club banner. There was no update of the DVD show mentioned.
    Keith will give or send Ron Cubitt club logos or other material for the design of the banner. The club can use the banner not only for the Thomasville Fly In, but can be used in the April 2016 Rose City Parade where the club can have a float and display our planes again.
    It was brought up that we may want to display a scratch built plane without the covering, this will show the public what the fuselage looks like, how the battery or fuel tank, servos, and other equipment is mounted in the RC planes.

    New Business, Jonathan Cannon came up with the idea of having a FUN FLY.
    Planes will be cheap scratch built models all with the same size engine, and fuel tanks and possibly airframe standards with a wingspan to be 42” to 46”. It was agreed on using an OS .25 glow plug engine. By making them cheap, you don’t have to worry about a great loss of money when you crash, but have some good competitive fun.
    The planes can be used for combat flying, pylons or doing the limbo, just having fun and keep the interest of flying up among the members.

    Builders Corner, Tom Robbins showed use a picture of a by-plane he had started 20 years ago and was now trying to finish.
    Dave Gibson also shared with us about a new plane he has been working on.

    Next Meeting 8-20-2015
    Minutes By Charles Robbins


    1. David Selen
    2. Robert Hamilton
    3. Ike Maxwell
    4. Jonathan Cannon
    5. Dave Gibson
    6. Steve Poehler
    7. Tim Horchler
    8. Tom Robbins
    9. Charles Robbins
    New Members:  Ron Cubitt and Robert Hamilton with his wife.

    6-18-2015 Minutes
    Meeting was called to order by Tom Robbins at 7:05pm

    Minutes of the last meeting were read by Charles Robbins.  Steve Poehler made the motion to accept the minutes as read.

    Treasurer’s report, was given by Tom Robbins, he said that with new members and other cash income the club was only ($63) in the red.

    Old Business, Discussion was opened about the Fly in at Thomasville Airport and having a display and raffle. Tom said he had talked to Ervin and that would be great for us to display our planes and have a raffle.

    Tom brought to our attention that there were several choices to choose for our charitable gift. After some discussion of the members, a motion was made by Tom Robbins, to use the Food Bank as our choice, this was seconded by Steve Poehler, voted on and passed by the members.

    Discussion then turned to what to have for raffle prizes, koolers, hats, TV, and where to get donations of prizes or money for the prizes and also how to get the prizes to winners who had already left the event.

    Jonathan Cannon shared some interesting facts about the Fly-In crowd, that most of the people there are the pilots that have flown in, that the general public doesn’t attend as they have in the past years. Most of the pilots come in eat, visit and fly out.

    After a long discussion a motion was made by Tom Robbins to table the idea of the raffle for this year, this was seconded by Dave Gibson, voted on by the members and passed.

    It was decided that the club will have a static display surrounded by a fence for security, a tent for shade and table for a DVD show of RC planes in flight, or crash landing. There were a couple of places the club tent could be placed, but no final decision for the site had been made.

    New Business, A discussion was started about the training of new pilots. Tom mentioned that experienced members could volunteer as instructors, working with the novice pilots. Instructors will work with them until they take the solo test.

    The test will consist of the takeoff, flying straight and flat, a horizontal figure 8, 360 degree L to R or R to L (depending on wind direction) landing pattern, and smooth safe landing.

    The test will be witness by two club members with flight experience.

    A motion was made by Tom Robbins to this use this pilot training program, seconded by Dave Gibson, voted on and passed by the members.

    Next Meeting 7-16-2015
    Minutes By Charles Robbins



    1. Tom Robbins
    2. Charles Robbins
    3. Keith Aldredge
    4. Steve Poehler
    5. Ike Maxwell
    6. David Gibson
    Rose City Aero Modelers
    5-21-2015 Minutes
    Meeting was called to order by Tom Robbins at 7:01 pm.

    Minutes of last meeting were read by Charles Robbins

    Treasurer’s report, was given by Tom Robbins, he explained that we have taken in and spent $2500 on our new projects and he said that we are still $125 in the RED.  He also said there was nothing to worry about we still have money to come in to our coffers.

    Old Business, Photos of the club members will be taken on Saturday May 30th at 10:00 at the club flying field.
    There were lines put down using the TU soccer lime machine, these lines were 6in. wide, but still weren’t that easily seen. The idea was brought up to use Roundup weed spray to make the lines. No final decision was been made on this subject.

    There was discussion about certificate of achievement that will be given to the novice flyers that can pass a 5 step test. Members that feel they have enough flying time with an instructor will be able to take the test.

    New Business, Discussion was started about the club members bring their planes for a static display at the annual October fly in at the Thomasville Air Port. This would be a great way to advertise our club and let people see the planes up close.
    There was discussion about a raffle and the money being used as a donation to some charitable cause that the club has chosen.
    Tom said he will talk to Ervin at the airport about this idea.

    Show-n-Tell, Dave Gibson brought some items and discussed where he got them how much he spent and how he uses them. Items were for storage, sanding, cutting,
    mixing,  application of glue and tools.

    Next Meeting is 6-18-2015            Minutes by C. Robbins



    1. Tim Horchler
    2. Tom Robbins
    3. Charles Robbins
    4. Phil Davis
    5. Keith Aldredge
    6. Steve Poehler
    7. Jonathan Cannon
    8. David Gibson
    9. Reid Libby

    4-16-2015 Minutes

    Meeting was called to order by Tom Robbins at 7:05pm

    Minutes of last meeting was read by Charles Robbins

    Treasury Report was given by Tom Robbins; after the purchase of the shelter, 2 picnic tables, the club sign, colored paint for the safety lines, and the bulletin board, we are $225.00 in the RED.
    Tom mentioned that we have everything is paid for, and that new membership dues and some pledges that have yet to come in will make up that difference.

    Safety Officer Steve Poehler has built 4 pilot stations and they are in place, he also made up some temporary membership hand books. The handbooks will contain AMA rules, information about the club and club safety rules, some interesting information about RC flying and planes. Tom will review the books will be before the next meeting and handing them out to the members.

    The subject of mowing was brought up; this has been divided among the members that can get their mowers to the field.  Tim Horchler will be mowing next week, and Charles Robbins the week after that.  Tom Robbins along with other members are also scheduled to mow during the year. If you have a conflict with your mowing date, feel free to trade dates with another member. A schedule may be ready by the next meeting.

    Hats and T-shirts will be ordered by Keith on Friday. These will have the club logo on them. The T-shirts will have a pocket in front and the logo on the back, all items will be in what looks like a Safety Orange color.

    Keith will set up the club web site so members can order and pay for any of the items directly from the manufacture.

    Keith had a raffle for the members at the meeting, giving away several items donated to the club by some unnamed persons or company.

    Both Tom Robbins and Keith had some great entertainment before and after the meeting.

    Next meeting is 5-21-2015

    Minutes by C. Robbins



    1. Tim Horchler
    2. Tom Robbins
    3. Charles Robbins
    4. Phil Davis
    5. Keith Aldredge
    6. Steve Poehler
    7. Jonathan Cannon
    8. David Gibson
    9. Reid Libby
    10. Doug Chason
    11. Rick Zondlo
    12. Ike Maxwell

    Rose City Aero Modelers, March 19, 2015 – Meeting Minutes
    Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

    Last meeting’s minutes were accepted Treasury report showed balance of $954.93. Since formation of club there have been receipts of $1,345.43 and expenditures of $390.50 for new shelter deposit, charter fee, & shelter repairs.

    There were 9 members present and 2 new members were added: Doug Chason and Reid Libby.

    OLD BUSINESS: New By-laws were approved. New Officers were selected.
    • President/Treasurer: Tom Robbins
    • Vice President/Webmaster: Keith Aldredge
    • Secretary: Reid Libby
    • Safety Officer: Steve Poehler

    Website was discussed and Keith Aldredge reported that he was still working on improvements to make the site more user-friendly and site is a work in progress.

    The new shelter was discussed; delivery is expected in 2 to 4 weeks. The purchase of 2 picnic tables was approved.

    NEW BUSINESS: Keith presented the new logo featuring the P-51, which was based in Thomasville during WWII, when the airport was an advanced training base. It was approved unanimously. It will be available for use on decals, shirts, signs, etc.

    Implementing AMA requirement for safety lines and pilot stations was discussed. Various markers were discussed for preparing the lines and stations, but a final decision was delayed until various solutions were explored.

    The pothole at the start of the driveway was mentioned by Rick Zondlo as needing a solution. All agreed, and Johnathan Cannon stated he thought could get some gravel for the hole at no cost to the club.

    The mowing of the field was discussed and it was decided to set up a mowing schedule among those able to transport mowers to the field.

    The next meeting will be on 4/16.

    Tom Robbins, President


    First "Official" Meeting - February 2015
    1. Tim Horchler
    2. Tom Robbins
    3. Charles Robbins
    4. Phil Davis
    5. Keith Aldredge
    6. Steve Poehler
    7. David Gibson
    8. Rick Zondlo
    9. Sonny Branch
    10. Ike Maxwell
    11. John Shaner
    Hi guys:   Thanks for the great turnout last night.  Looks like we are on the way to have a fun club that will draw others to join.  Once we get our infrastructure worked out, we will be able to engage in some of the fun activities we discussed to grow the hobby/sport.  Weather permitting, Sunday afternoon flying will give us the most exposure and airfield contact between club members.  Of course, you can fly any time you want.   We will continue to have  monthly meetings at Granddaddy's.  Their meeting room is perfect at this time.  Watch your six!  Tom