Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Club Meetings

NEXT MEETING:  Thursday, January 21, 2021 at 7PM.  

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

You asked for it.

Here it is...

For shirts➶
Click me to order apparel.
"Just got club shirts in.  They are nice!  That was definitely the way to go for the price and being able to order one at a time as needed."
Club member John Lohmueller 4/10/2017

For your plane, your car, your RC hauler, everybody loves stickers.  Click here...
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New name:  Why "Xtreme" RC Club?
Definition of Extreme or Xtreme : 1. Reaching a high or the highest degree; very great.
  • Vast amount of property.
  • Feature rich; open field, long runway, pond, private.
  • Multiple RC hobbies; planes (incuding sail planes,) boats, drones, trucks.
  • Capable venue; Combat, 3D, IMAC, Quad Racing.
  • Inviting club sanctioned events; Fly Ins.

 Driving instructions to the new field: 

Look for our red top shelter.

Most members fly Tuesdays, Thursdays & every Sunday (weather permitting.)

Come join us!

The Southwest Georgia Xtreme RC club field accommodates RC racing, combat, FPV quad racing, 3D flying, giant scale, nitro, boats, etc.  Air, land, water.  Not far from Tallahassee, FL, Albany, GA, Tifton, GA, Moultrie, GA, Valdosta, GA and surrounding areas.

GPS Coordinates:  31.044322, -83.869980 
Southwest Georgia Xtreme RC Club Field

Joe Nall 2017

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Southwest Georgia Xtreme RC Club Field

Check out the current events, pictures, videos and news on our group Facebook page.  Click here:
 Xtreme RC Club on Faceboook

The Southwest Georgia RC Club field is near Moultrie, GA.  About 45 minutes from Albany, GA, Cairo, GA and Tallahassee, FL.  New members have recently joined us from Adel and Valdosta.

My Movie 13 from Robert on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Qualifications to be in the SWGXRC club.


AMA Membership

Southwest Georgia Xtreme RC requires that club members enroll and maintain membership in the AMA - IF YOU FLY.  We are a registered AMA club that encourages fellowship, safety, and the joy of flight.
Click the AMA logo above to sign up!

Want to know what it takes to be a Southwest Georgia Xtreme RC club member?
Click here for club registration.

Southwest Georgia Xtreme RC Club members are issued an annual vehicle decal to show membership status.  This way, the landowner knows you are a member of the club as you enjoy the property.  Guests should be with a club member.

Southwest Georgia Xtreme RC Club is within driving distance from Tallahassee, Albany, Moultrie, Tifton, Valdosta and surrounding area.