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From Rick Zondlo

UPS-a-Clause delivered this box just before last Christmas.  Must have used a forklift to get it onto my porch.

The instruction book said to glue this stick here and that one there, then cut away anything that doesn't look like an airplane.  Here's what I cut away:  And those are BIG boxes!

And what I wound up with at that point:

I added a DLE 35RA engine, covering and a bunch of other stuff and wound up with this:

When my wife heard what Dave Gibson suggested for a pilot, she contributed Snoopy to hunt for the Red Baron.

Just some final pre-maiden checks and Snoopy will be ready to hunt.
BUSA cautions that SE-5's don't like crosswinds at all so will have to wait for the right day to maiden.

Just about 11 months to longest build ever. (And probably my last, at least for a while.)



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Tom Robbins removing the old covering so new can be applied.
It was time.

The Miss Judy story from David Gibson...

"Miss Judy" started life as a stock Sig four star 40 kit. The wing span is 64", wing area is 621 Sq. In., length 47", weight 4 3/4 lbs. The engine is an O.S. 46 AX II (spec's called for a 40 max).  I did not like the "square " corners on the wing or the control surfaces so I radiused the elevator and rudder and designed a rounded wing tip for the wings which added to wingspan and wing area.

Hours to build? hmmmm.... I would guess I put about 300 hours in it, but I am extremely picky about stuff and it was my first build since high school.  I started the build on December 27, 2014 and finished the build on April 20, 2015.

I maidened her on May 12, 2015, she took about 6 clicks of left aileron and flew very good, 2nd flight went better until the engine quit and I had to dead stick her.  That engine is not broke in and has been swapped with a different airplane.

She flies fast and is very responsive to control inputs.  I did a loop and a roll on the maiden flight without any problem and did a real good landing. I would recommend this plane to anybody.

Clear skies, good landings and smooth air,



Perfectly balanced without adding weight.

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