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Tom Robbins removing the old covering so new can be applied.
It was time.

The Miss Judy story from David Gibson...

"Miss Judy" started life as a stock Sig four star 40 kit. The wing span is 64", wing area is 621 Sq. In., length 47", weight 4 3/4 lbs. The engine is an O.S. 46 AX II (spec's called for a 40 max).  I did not like the "square " corners on the wing or the control surfaces so I radiused the elevator and rudder and designed a rounded wing tip for the wings which added to wingspan and wing area.

Hours to build? hmmmm.... I would guess I put about 300 hours in it, but I am extremely picky about stuff and it was my first build since high school.  I started the build on December 27, 2014 and finished the build on April 20, 2015.

I maidened her on May 12, 2015, she took about 6 clicks of left aileron and flew very good, 2nd flight went better until the engine quit and I had to dead stick her.  That engine is not broke in and has been swapped with a different airplane.

She flies fast and is very responsive to control inputs.  I did a loop and a roll on the maiden flight without any problem and did a real good landing. I would recommend this plane to anybody.

Clear skies, good landings and smooth air,



Perfectly balanced without adding weight.

See David flying Miss Judy (click here)