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Having fun at our SWG X RC Club...

No limits when you want it.

Joe Nall 2017

David Gibson

On June 26, 2017, we started sodding the new parking/pit area.  Soon pilots will have the entire 4,500' x 100' runway to fly on.

Don and Rick at the airstrip April 11, 2017

 Brand new Pilot Extra 330 30% 88" with a DLE 61

Tom Robbins

Keith Aldredge

Steve Poehler aka Iceman

Tim Horchler

Keith's Giant Big Stik Flaps Down

 Jonathan Lohmueller
Nice to have a club airplane mechanic!

Ike Maxwell flying
while Lohmueller watches

Club Members Joy Ride

Our new R/C field from above:
Suber Field

David Gibson

Sonny Branch

Keith Aldredge
R/C Combat - that's the other guys blue ribbon.

Jonahan Cannon
This is what happens when you pull 50 G's on a combat plane trying to cut the opponent's ribbon.
That's Aldredge's orange ribbon wrapped around Cannon's detached wing.
He got the cut at all cost!  This is why we keep the cost low on these planes.

Robert Hamilton

 Combat Plane - they take a beating.

Robert's pride.  Flyzone Acro-Wot MK2.
42" wingspan. 3s 2200mah battery.820kv motor. 40a speed controller. Orange Rx T-six 2.4GHz DSM2 transmitter and receiver.  Flys almost 3D style.

David Gibson

Well, I been at it again. Been out in the shop tinkering and actually made something besides an airplane, I don't like having to bend over to put the wings on my planes so I copied a thing I saw in Perry but thought that was too much money ($135) to pay for it.
David Gibson

Faux Cub Navy Costal Observation Interceptor
[Tom Robbins]

                           John Lohmueller

John Lohmueller with a new project underway.  Included is a description of what he can look forward to after completing the build.

Rick Zondlo

Owner:  Rick Zondlo
Maiden Flight 6/7/2015 at the RCAM club field.
“Stand way off in the next county” scale French “Dalotel.”
Scratch built from my own plans using three-views of the real aircraft.
56” wingspan, powered by a Saito 56 four stroke, Wt ~5 lbs.
Only out of pocket expense was glue and covering material.  Balsa, parts, engine, etc. recycled or from estate or club sales.
No clue how long it took to build....I work on them when I feel like it.
NOTE:  Only one copy of the full scale was ever built.
Wait 'til you see the cowl when its finished:  Two “cheeks” that look like jet engines!

Watch the maiden flight under Club Videos

A unique perspective for the call numbers...

Owner:  Rick Zondlo

Red Bull:  Edge 540 from a Goldberg balsa kit. About 5 months to build.

76” wingspan, OS 91FX two stroke, Futaba gear.  Wt about 8 lbs (give or take).  Don’t keep logbooks but I’d guess around 75 flights on it to date.

David Gibson
David Gibson with his planes,
Space Walker and Miss Judy
David Gibson and Tom Robbins

Steve Poehler getting some pointers from Rick Zondlo

Taken May 30, 2015

[Left to Right] Donald Selen, Tom Robbins, Keith Aldredge, Steve Poehler, Phil Davis, David Gibson, Jonathan Cannon, Charles Robbins, Ike Maxwell

Other RCAM club members that could not make this photo op include Tom GilletteTim HorchlerRick ZondloJohn ShanerSonny BranchWayne Gillette, John Currie, & John Lohmueller

Keith Aldredge - Howard DGA-15 (100"WS) powered by a gas DLE61

Tom Robbins - The G-Shark, (84”WS) w/Zenoah 62CC gas engine.

Curtiss P-6E Hawk (76"WS) powered by a DLE30
[Keith Aldredge]

Spacewalker (103”WS) w/Brison 50CC gas engine
[Tom Robbins]

Donald Selen - Robin Hood 80

Jonathon Cannon - Extra 300 powered by a DLE20

Charles Robbins

Phil Davis - Tarot FY680 Iron Man aka Drone

The G-Shark, 84”WS w/Zenoah 62CC gas engine

Sr, Telecaster 96”WS w/OS 91 4-stroke
[Tom Robbins]

Ike Maxwell - Cap 21

Jonathon Cannon - Extra 300 [blue] & Yak [red]
That giant spider in the back is Phil's drone.

[Left to Right] Keith Aldredge, Ike Maxwell and Jonathan Cannon.

Cap 21

Steve Poehler

Howard DGA-15 100"WS powered by a gas DLE61
[Click here for details of the full scale Howard plane]

Jonathan's YAK [DLE20]

Christen Eagle II (Jonathan Cannon)

Rick Zondlo, David Gibson & Tom Robbins
David Gibson's "Miss Judy"
Check out David Gibson's story on his Miss Judy plane this link then scroll down the page.

Keep looking up!