Welcome to the Southwest Georgia Xtreme RC Club!
Dear new member,

The Southwest Georgia Xtreme RC (X-RC) Club welcomes you to the club!  We offer more than just a place to enjoy our RC hobby like flying, sailing or dirt trucks.  The X-RC Club is also about developing friendships through the passion we share in the hobby.  We hope you take full advantage of all club amenities and meet some great folks along the way.
Tips and reminders about the X-RC Club:

Club Meeting – we have a club meeting every third Thursday of every month.  Currently, our meeting location is a local restaurant in Thomasville, GA (check the club website for location; also an email is sent to all members a week prior to the meeting.)  The meeting is from 7-8PM.  Most show up early to eat and fellowship before the meeting begins.

Club Website – check the club’s website www.swgXrc.com for information about the club.  The website keeps our meeting minutes, the club handbook, directions to the club field, field windsock status, special club events, club apparel, decals and more.

Club Facebook Group – we maintain a group on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/swgXrc.  This is where a lot of pictures, videos, hobby information and current events are posted.

Membership Vehicle Decal – our club field’s landowner would like all vehicles on his property to include an annual membership decal.  When you pay your annual dues, you get a current year decal for your vehicle(s.)  Visitors should be accompanied by club members.

Safety – we are in the club to have fun and enjoy our hobby.  But safety is always a concern and important to the group.  The X-RC Club follows the guidelines provided by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA.)  All club members are encouraged to review the Club Handbook posted on our club website:  www.swgXrc.com.  Also, the 2017 Club Safety Officer is Steve Poehler if you have any questions or concerns.

Contacts – until you meet all of the club members, following is a list of the officers in the club:
·         Jonathon Cannon, Club President          (229)977-3338
·         Keith Aldredge, Club Vice President      (770)468-1496
·         Steve Poehler, Club Safety Officer         (229)403-4535
·         Earl Cone, Club Treasurer                       (229)355-1035
·         Tom Robbins, Club Secretary                 (229)221-7589

Again, welcome!  We look forward to you joining us at the X-RC Club Field!


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